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Our Services

our services

Special High-quality Services

Health Premium offers home care services to patients within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Our family of health care providers are available to deliver our services whenever the patient needs them.


Sometimes your body needs help to relieve injury, improve mobility or maximize the strength of a certain area, we focus on helping you achieve your highest level of functioning independently.

Assistance of ADL

Nursing care of ADL’s includes assessment and providing support for interventions that promote dignity while providing safety

Pain Management

Includes assessment of the source of pain (acute or chronic pain), collaborates with physicians to coordinate treatment and care. We teaches how patients and families can manage pain through alternative ways.

Respiratory Therapy

Includes providing oxygen according to patients’ conditions and asthma treatment.

Tracheostomy Care

Includes basic nursing care for patients with tracheostomy, prevention of infection, and monitoring for any untoward manifestations

Tube Feeding

Includes nursing care for patients with enteral and PEG tubes for nutritional intake when they are unable to intake food orally

Stoma Care

Nursing care for patients with colostomy and ileostomy. This includes assessment and management of stoma for prevention of infection and promotion of skin care.

Wound Care

Provides specialized care to promote patients wound healing process


Nursing care includes ensuring patients’ safety in transferring from one point to the next, mobilization of the bed-bound patients in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Medication Management

Includes assessment of patient’s ability to take medications, proper administration ensuring it is given on appropriate time, monitoring for adverse effects and evaluation for patient’s response to medication and coordinating with our physicians for patient’s needs for medications.

Geriatric care

We put relationships first to support those giving care and protect the dignity of those receiving care and enhance the quality of life. We are dedicated to providing your seniors with the very best compassionate and skilled nurses to help improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. They deserve to have all the comforts at home and the peace of mind this brings.

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